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The emotional impact of a drunk driving accident is often exacerbated if it is discovered that the irresponsible consumption of alcohol on the part of the other driver was aided by an establishment that continued to serve that individual alcohol. These establishments are governed by dram shop laws which result in them being potentially liable for injuries that a drunk driver causes.

At the Law Office of Elliot Glicksman, PLLC, we aggressively stand up for the rights of victims who have been injured by a drunk driver. Dram shop liability attorney Elliot Glicksman has an extensive understanding of the Arizona dram shop laws and how they may be applicable in your situation. You do not have to deal with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident alone. Contact our firm today to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss your options for suing bars for over-serving patrons.

What Is Dram Shop Liability?

The term "dram shop" was derived from 18th-century taverns in England that sold gin by the spoonful, called a dram. Arizona dram shop laws hold establishments that serve alcoholic beverages liable for harm that was caused by visibly intoxicated individuals who were served at their establishments.

Bars and Other Establishments

Though a bar is typically the most commonly thought of liquor service establishment, dram shop liability can apply to liquor stores, restaurants, social clubs and private events where liquor is served.

Serious Injuries and Death

Car accidents occur in a split second. Even if a driver is paying attention, a drunk driver who has no control over their vehicle can collide with other vehicles in an instant. Unfortunately, this tragic situation can cause permanent injuries (such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries), disabilities and even death. Our firm is compassionate in our handling of wrongful death cases involving the death of a loved one due to a bar, liquor store, restaurant or social club serving alcohol to an intoxicated person and considering the impact of their continuing to serve the individual.

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Our firm has experience suing bars for over-serving patrons, addressing bar negligence and dealing with other drunk driving accident issues. Let us help you understand your rights and options. Contact the Law Office of Elliot Glicksman to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us locally at 520-628-8878 or toll-free at 866-906-7815.

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